The local gods/spirits/ancestors of a territory. May derive from

  • an ancient nature spirit which has been personified
  • a tribal god which has been reorientated with a locality
  • a totemic ancestor
  • a hero who accomplished a great deed at that place
  • a sage who learned a great truth at that place
  • &c.

A Lár has some or all the following attributes

  • governs a distinct territory without overlapping another
  • has a shrine or centre of worship
  • may answer prayers and needs of the local people
    • the charms, prayers, &c. only work within territory
  • bestow specific Powers upon chosen pilgrims or local people
  • Can appear in dreams or hallucinations with some divinatory effect

A Lár’s rule isn’t eternal.

  • A new Lár may encroach on an old one’s territory, sometimes leaving the former with only a building or room.
    • Some believe that a Lár’s catchment is regulated by the faith of the worshippers, though this seems generally not to be the case
  • A Lár may, without warning, disappear, with immediate reallotting of the territory to neighbouring Láres
  • A fading Lár may be saved from oblivion by translocating the shrine to a non-aligned territory:
    • at sea
    • a long-uninhabited place:
    • a city
  • A translocated Lár maintains its abilities to grant Powers and perform divination.

Riqishe: Tisat (tistam)


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